Sea Goat Herbs is a labor of love and part of my personal journey to help empower others through herbal education with an emphasis on how to work with and understand the healing wisdom of plants, nature, and lessons of self reliance.

I make and offer small batch, organic herbal remedies and personal care products for those interested in alternatives to many of the chemically ridden products currently on the market. All of my remedies are made with organic oils, homegrown or ethically wildcrafted herbs from the Pacific Northwest, and positive intent. When necessary additional herbs are sourced from local, organic suppliers.

I also offer rotating products known as my "Chef's Special". These unique remedies are formulated with supplies and herbs I have an abundance of, the moon cycles, and each season. Because of this, each remedy will be available until supplies last with the potential to be a one time offering. Sign up for my newsletter to learn more about the current "Chef's Special" and other informative insights. 

Check out my blog for more information, featured articles, classes, recipes, and events.