I welcome feedback from clients of mine with open arms as it’s valuable on many levels. One of my goals as an herbalist is to create natural, organic products & herbal remedies that assist people on their journey on and towards a genuinely healthy lifestyle. Here are a few unsolicited comments people have shared with me over the recent years:


"When I met Michelle, I found her to be one of the most in-tune, knowledgeable, open-minded individuals I’ve met in recent years. This energy translates into her creations. You can feel the authentic frequency & high vibration in each product, uniquely & powerfully. I originally tuned in to the idea of Sea Goat Herbs after a friend raved about the organic tooth powders & deodorants."

- Marcia C.

"I was in New Orleans for Memorial Day weekend, where it's stupidly muggy 24/7. I took your deodorant with me as a kind of experiment & it worked! I mean, I knew it did here in Portland, but these were intense conditions & although I got a little wet under my arms (very little, actually), I never got stinky. Success!" - Leslie B. (N.D.)

"I use Sea Goat Herbs Radiant Herbal face cream daily & my skin has never been softer or looked younger. Michelle even has a Tattoo Salve that I use to heal all of my tattoos and as a daily moisturizer to help my tattoos looking fresh! I highly recommend Sea Goat Herbs!"  - Sylvia S.

"This deodorant smells delicious & actually works better than the dozens of traditional deodorants I've tried. I'm an active mama & it works through long hikes, hot yoga & lasts the whole day. This amazing little gem has changed my deodorant regime forever & my life!" - Hilary H.


“I just purchased the Radiant Herbal Face and Body Cream. Its subtle fragrance is addictive and so unassuming that you don't feel like you've just put on a product that will demand everyone's attention. The consistency is smooth and rich so a little goes a long way. I feel like I'm treating myself to a spa treatment when I use it. The Calendula Lip Balm is now one of my must have's in my purse. It too has a very mild fragrance with a slight yummy hint of mint. Using these products makes me feel good for a number of reasons. I know the ingredients used are considered carefully and the end results are of a quality that you simply can't find anywhere else.”

- Heidi K.